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USG is here to make app development easy at Princeton.

We’ve worked with the most popular apps on campus -- ReCal, Rooms, TigerBook, and more -- to streamline the process of getting your app in the hands of students.

USG Labs provides funding, publicity, and support to students who want to build software for thousands of Princeton students.

Have an idea you want to develop? We'd love to hear from you!

How it works

Join USG Labs by sending us a link to your live project. You’ll automatically receive publicity, funding for server costs, and our help to make your app successful.

All we ask is that your project is designed for Princeton students, and that your app is behind CAS authentication if you use non-public Princeton data. Your app must be free for Princeton students -- USG Labs can be a launching board for a service to build a userbase before deciding whether to become paid.

Any students can apply for Labs status for their project by dropping us a note at:

Here’s what you get for joining USG Labs:

  • Publicity on the TigerApps homepage and in emails

  • Funding for initial hosting costs of up to $125 per project per year. Typically, each student is only eligible for one funding award per year.

When you’re ready to graduate from Labs, we’ll work with you to get your app running on USG infrastructure and maintainable by USG into the future.

The USG Labs springboard provides a cost-free platform and visibility. When your app becomes popular, USG TigerApps can step in and take over the painful questions of cost and long-term maintenance.

Project ideas to get you started

  • Better ways to do course selection

    • Princeton’s missing a nice way to view course reviews and descriptions together.

    • Scrape course evaluations information and present it nicely.

    • Maybe a way to easily look at past year’s course offerings and compare to current year. Who has historically taught a class, and how often has it been taught?

    • Suggest courses based on gaps in a person’s schedule. You can integrate with Google Calendar (ReCal works with it)

  • Major and Certificate planning

    • Catalog the requirements for each major and/or certificate program, and help find courses to satisfy those requirements based on the courses a student has already taken.

      • This will require some manual data curation, but some initial attempts at this are listed below under Data Sources.
  • Room Selection

    • Add features, e.g. room reviews, to the Rooms app (

      • There’s no GitHub repo but it’s all front-end Javascript. Feel free to grab the source from there.
  • Meal Exchange App

    • Create a replacement for the current meal-exchange paper slips that eating clubs use. This is tricky -- consider what is needed for clubs and/or the university to want to use the site from an administrative perspective.
  • Student Directories

    • Tools to translate from names to emails: get all emails given names. Useful when creating student group listservs.

    • Chrome extension that shows College Facebook/TigerBook details when you're emailing someone -- like Rapportive shows LinkedIn info.

  • Contributing features to existing applications

Data sources you may need

CAS authentication: see ReCal source and pyWSSE project.

Example Student Apps --

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